San Diego Food Policy / 1 in 10 Coalition

Each are PDF files for download. Parenthesis show the date created or updated.

    ** NOW LAW ** (except for the Coastal Zone)
    Our new shiny Ordinances (2/22/12) and related Info Fliers (3/27/12):
  • Honeybees  |  Bee Keeping (flier)
  • Chicken Hens  |  Keeping Chickens (flier)
  • Miniature Goats  |  Keeping Goats (flier)
  • Community Garden Sales
  • Commercial Uses

  • Note: These ordinances only say what has been changed. Parts of older ordinances that are not mentioned remain unchanged. For instance, the new beekeeping ordinance says nothing about a requirement for providing the bees with a water source. Therefore, the requirements already on the books will stay on the books. This means that it will be hard to understand these rules until the municipal code (link) is actually updated. We don't know what day that'll be. But if you have questions, though, feel free to shoot us an email.


Amendment to the Regulations for Community Gardens (June 8, 2011)
(From On June 7, 2011 the City Council approved new regulations that allow community gardens to be developed easily and inexpensively in all residential and commercial zones in the City. However, the regulations will not be effective within the City’s Coastal Overlay Zone until the California Coastal Commission (CCC) unconditionally certifies new regulations. The amendment was submitted to the CCC on August 18, 2011.